Thursday, February 12, 2009

My No. 1 New Pet Peeve

It takes a lot to top my list of pet peeves, especially to jump from not even on my radar all the way to #1.

Recently I met a woman. During our correspondence, I noticed that she writes in sentence fragments. She has clauses that don't identify anything. She refuses to capitalize proper names, misuses pronunciation, and is a terrible speller. She forgets identifying pronouns and leaves off modifiers. At least she doesn't use leet-speak. Now, all of these errors are forgivable -- certainly I'm guilty of every single one of them at some time or another. However, their frequency is annoying. Even this is forgivable, largely.

What is not forgivable is that this woman -- this questionably literate woman -- is an ENGLISH TEACHER!!

The next generation needs help. And how did we put someone in a position to teach them, that can't even properly use her own subject matter? HOW? Are our standards so low? Have we lowered our qualifications for our teachers? No Child Left Behind?!!!! HA! How about No Teacher Left Behind! (That might begin to take care of the children issue) I am so angry over the thought of illiterate teachers teaching English (of all things!), that I cannot continue this blog in a logical or sequential manner.

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