Thursday, February 05, 2009

horror and science

Science fiction is attributed to pushing science and technology into the future. Mostly because Welles or Vonnegut wrote about some completely cool gadget, and somewhere some brilliant-but-geeky mind decided to try and invent it. Star Trek is responsible for a whole slew of scientific advancements and/or experiments, like hand-held computers and such (come on, who doesn't want a tri-corder?) Star Wars can contribute a few things to science as well, even though the light saber hasn't been perfected -- not even as a child's toy.

So what about a Stephen King contribution? How about remote locks for cars! I postulate that somewhere, some guy was watching Christine and said "hey, I wish my car doors would lock themselves!" and Ding!! He had to go about making it happen. Now remote entry on autos is as common as Microsoft bundled with new computers.

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