Tuesday, January 06, 2009

You can't always get what you want....

.... but sometimes you get what you need.

I've ranted and rampaged for years about hand-outs versus hand-ups. I've railed against something for nothing and lauded the importance of pulling one's self up by one's own bootstraps.

It is within my own personal experiences that I could draw enough analogies, anecdotes, and tales of woe and hardship to bore the reader right off of this page. Suffice it to say, I did not form my opinion on the words of my parents.

For the last few years I've pondered my greater purpose, sometimes eloquently, sometimes not. And recently I got quieter and quieter as the voice I most heard was my own. The world sat by and patiently let me puzzle out my own Rubik's cube.

When I was done, I pulled up my bootstraps.

This year is going to be the beginning of a journey for me that will not end until I walk across a stage to accept my Bachelor's degree and then following with my Master's. I mention this because some of you have been loyal readers since I first started this blog, and have known me to spend time procrastinating, in introspection, and in self discovery. So many times I found myself lacking, simply because I refused to live up to my potential.

It was never anyone else's job to drag me up to that potential, but I have some good friends that have contributed in their own way at propping me up while I struggled to stand on my own. Thank you, good friends.

For several months I've been looking into schools, searching for the right one, the right program. I have completed searching, and am enrolled and already back at it. So now, while I'm still excited and passionate, I announce my plans, in part so those that have always supported me know where we're headed next.

The blog will continue as always, but if things show up slower than they used to, at least my avid readers will understand why.

I have indeed embarked on exactly what I need, and I'm fortunate in that it's also exactly what I want. Sometimes you get both.


Molly said...

Good for you!!!! What is your major?

rocio.u said...

You go girl. I recently went back as well. This is my 3rd day of school. :)