Tuesday, January 20, 2009

day of change

Back in November, the U.S. collectively voted for a change. Today we inaugurate a new President -- one that ran a platform promising change. Nothing but hindsight will enlighten whether or not we receive the change we desire.

This historic inauguration not only places the first African-American in the role of President, but I hope it also opens the door for women in upcoming elections. It is certainly just a matter of time, but perhaps now time becomes inconsequential in the equation.

Mr. Obama has been likened to a celebrity. Perhaps that is what this country needs right now. President Bush was not followed as a celebrity, and our country has many inhabitants that could not even recognize his photo, nor the name nor photo of Vice-President Cheney. Perhaps we need a figure that the paparazzi cannot wait to follow, that the magazines salivate over the opportunity to write about as he and his family appeal to fashion and entertainment. Maybe this man's charisma and charming good looks can bring about a social consciousness and political awareness in this country. Maybe with a face in office that people are excited about seeing, maybe he can unite us in a way we have not been united since JFK.

And for the first time in my life, I understand a very little bit about how crazy the country could be about John F. Kennedy. With his charming good looks and winning smile, with a beatiful and graceful woman by his side, the country paid attention to what he did and therefore, what was going on around him. I was not there, but I've heard about the "I was _____ when JFK was shot" stories. Everyone remembers that moment, just as I presume that this country will remember where they were on January 20, 2009.

Regardless of how votes were cast back in November, this day we inaugurate the one man that won the election. There is no point in mourning the loss of some other outcome. This is where we are in history, and it is from this moment that we will move forward. I am hopeful that when we look back on this administration we do indeed see positive change in not only foreign policy and economic policy and such, but in ourselves as a united people.

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