Monday, December 01, 2008


I got to live out my lifelong dream of swimming in a waterfall. Well, mostly, in the "this will have to do" kind of way. The waterfall was a 45 ft. tall thing, throwing water and sticks and such into the pool where I swam. The pool was guarded by lifeguards, so that stupid people couldn't climb the rocks and dive in, nor could they try and swim up right into the falls themselves. This kept those sticks from being hurled right onto their heads.

Now, to get to this wonderful thing, I had to hike 3/4 of a mile into Waimea Valley. That is not a big thing for most people, but most people walk with ankles that move. Mine do not, when wearing my braces. So after plunking along up and down the valley trail to the falls, I was nearly in tears. Some of that was due to the emotional excitement I felt at getting to swim in the falls, but quite a bit of it was pain as well.

Just before the final push down the valley to the falls was a snack stand. They sold juices and teas and waters for $2 and up. By the time you get there, you are thinking that $2 is a real steal. I also asked him if I could get a ride back out of the valley. Ya know, help -- a rescuing as it were. He said ask the lifeguard. So I did.

I was seated at the stadium seating at the falls. Apparently it used to be used for a dive show and hula exhibition*. Now it's a place to put shoes and towels while swimming in the falls. Anyway, I was seated there, unlacing my bulky afo's/ankle braces, and he asked if I needed help back out. God bless him. I answered that indeed help would be wonderful, and he guided me into the water and arranged it so I woudln't have to walk out. He even arranged for the whole party to travel with me, which is not normal.

I played and splashed and swam with my munchkin until we were too cold to stay in. Then we were gloriously whisked out by a golf cart. It was not the whole do-it-yourself experience I would've savored, but it was beyond words.

Waimea Falls. I got to swim there. As in, actually in the water at the site of a waterfall. It'll very much "do".

*Used to: according to the lifeguard, the cliff diving/hula show doesn't happen anymore.

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Rhonda said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip....bad ankles and all. Glad to hear it. Special times like these with your little one will always be cherished. One day he will grow up and remember swimming in (or near) the waterfall.