Sunday, November 02, 2008

Abracadabra debunked

A couple of weeks ago I was out with my toddler, and had the privilege of encountering a street magician. Now, street magicians like young audiences, because they're so easy to amaze. Or so it was with this guy, at least. So he turned all his slight of hand skill to my boy, in hopes of wide eyed wonder complete with "how'd you do that!?"

Not with my boy. But the magician was yet to learn that. He started out with the old coin-behind-the ear gag, drawing an audience in, and not really fooling the toddler, who replied with "no, I'm not, you did that!" to the magician saying "you're magic!" when the coin "disappeared" only to "reappear" behind my boy's ear.

The magician was enjoying how the bright lad was able to feed off of him so cleverly that the audience was drawn to the hamming up going on. The magician played to the audience, using the boy as bait, with "well ya can't fool this one, can you?" and winking and such. At this point the magician had everyone eating out of the palm of his hand, just as he wished.

Then the tables got turned upside down.

Out came an animal cracker cookie with a flourish. "I'll show you the very first trick I ever learned" he said to all, focusing on my boy again. With large sweeping arm movements, he "placed the cookie" in his left hand and made a fist. He then sprinkled "fairy dust" over the cookie with his right hand and said "abracadabra" and Poof! the cookie was indeed gone from his left hand. Now, this was meant to bring everyone into the magic, as only my boy was supposed to be fooled by this. But in the next moment, the toddler not only stole the show, he ended it. For my boy, just 4 years old, said very directly to the street magician with absolutely no hesitation nor doubt whatsoever, "You didn't make the cookie disappear! You just crumbled it up with your other hand!"

Everyone had a good laugh. A very good laugh.

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Al said...

Interesting story! Could your son be a male clone personality wise of his mother?