Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Everything in life is a metaphor, if you choose to have the point of view to support it.

A sewing machine is a metaphor for stitching relationships together. A motorcycle is freedom, metaphorically. To some people their car is a metaphor for their sex life... or lack thereof.

Oddly, what means something today will lose meaning tomorrow. Emotions ebb and flow and the constancy of change brings about new meanings, new metaphors. Where all of this becomes bigger is in slant, bias, optimism and pessimism.

Today I felt completely out of whack, decided that the metaphor of the day was a water-weighted kid's toy clown punching bag. Cheap, gaudy, short-lived. Decide how you will how it might possibly fit. Point is, tomorrow my emotions will be something else entirely. Probably they will be influenced by media, political propaganda, and other peoples' opinions as they are dumped upon me. And sooner or later, all that will find its way here in some form or fashion for me to share my slant with you.

Today though, I'm gonna go punch on that vinyl clown bag and see how I feel after going a few rounds with a dummy.

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