Thursday, October 09, 2008

Moms are Snobs

Well, the good ones are.

Good moms snub their nose a little bit at kids running around a restaurant with ketchup and mustard all over their face... cuz good moms wipe their kids' faces and teach their kids to wipe themselves.

They get upset when some kid on the playground goes unchecked for throwing sand in other kids' faces, and discipline their kid when he/she starts throwing sand back.

They think it's a little nasty when a toddler is waddling around in a diaper so full that it's obviously about to explode any moment, and the toddler's parent doesn't swoop in to change that thing.

Good moms know that as much as a child really wants to wear their new favorite shirt for 36 hours straight, it's not a clean shirt after the first day. And they make them change it.

They also get a little irked that other moms will sit in the corner and say "Now Jimmy, you need to share that crayon" instead of walking over to the child, taking it out of his hand, handing it to another child, and saying "Jimmy, this is called sharing. You give the blue crayon to Sue, and she gets to use it. You can use this red crayon."

Ultimately, good moms get accused of being snobs for their child rearing. I hope that every mom gets accused of being a snob.

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