Friday, October 10, 2008

Camo thoughts

I am a veteran's daughter. My best friend is currently serving in the military. I have so many friends that wear a soldier's uniform that I'd bore you listing them all. So this post is not meant with any disrespect whatsoever. It is meant to make you think.

Recently I asked a former soldier why he quit the job after 12 years instead of going the distance to a pension. Idle curiosity, ya know, wondering why he'd get over half-way there and stop. It's a question I ask of a lot of military folk. Consider it an ongoing survey. I digress... He replied that all the money from a pension would never bring his fallen friends back.

Granted. But no money in the world from any source will ever bring those buddies back.

I've had friends die in automobile accidents. I still drive my car. I'll even trade this one in on another one someday.

I've had family members die in the hospital. I still go to the doctor. I even let insurance pick up the tab.

I've burned myself cooking in the kitchen. I still use the stove. In fact, I'm planning out dinner as we speak.

Point is, I found a real lack of reason in his reason for not finishing out the 20 years. "I found the love of my life and she didn't want to be an army wife" I would've nodded to. "I have other dreams and didn't want to put them on hold any longer" I would've thumbed-up. But "that pension money won't bring back my dead friends"? Well, neither will quitting the military.

Strange the things we say when we don't really think about what we're saying.

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