Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sunny side of paradise

The beautiful thing about Sunny California is, well, the sun. I haven't seen rain in months, and only one cloudy day since April. It really adds to a feeling of paradise and I am starting to see why people born and raised in Cali get a bit snobby about visiting other drearier parts of the world.

But I love rain and thunderstorms. So why would I be excited about living in a place where I have exactly never seen a thunderstorm? Well, because the barometric pressure associated with storms drives me into a painful fit with the arthritis in my ankles. And because the humidity with rain pushes me right over to the couch where I curl up under blankets and cry in pain.

I've decided that living in New Mexico or Arizona is probably perfect for my ankles, though I'll miss the coast horribly. Making that decision and moving are two different things, however. I'm too stubborn for that. Instead, I hope to bounce around a few more places and see the world -- or at least parts of it.

So in Sunny California, for the first time in 19 years, I have found a doctor willing to really help me find some solutions for my ankles. I'm finally getting ankle braces (afo's, similar to those) that will actually stabilize me. Hopefully a nice side-effect is a reduction in swelling and maybe even pain. When all that fails, I'm hoping to get a referral to one of the big universities out here that specialize in cutting-edge technology and experimental surgeries.

My hopes are that when I do leave sunny paradise for other parts of the world, I won't suffer the same agonizing pain I've had in the past, just because of a little weather.

And the moral of the story is, if you beg enough doctors in enough places to take you seriously, you too can have some measure of success after only 19 years of waiting.

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