Sunday, August 24, 2008

Corn Fed Kitchen

I'm excited to announce my new blog: Corn Fed Kitchen (link also at right).

It's a place for me to share all my favorite recipes collected over the years. Some are passed down through generations of Crawford's, others are ones I've created myself, and a few are some that I've borrowed (and usually tweaked) from others.

Corn Fed Kitchen's sub header is: Said of a woman, corn-fed means an individual who is strong and healthy, but lacks sophistication, typically... from the Midwestern United States (from Wikipedia). These are recipes from a strong, healthy kitchen, often lacking in sophistication, with strong roots in the Midwest and the South.

It doesn't get any simpler than that. CFK is a collection of not only my favorite southern and mid-western dishes, but it is about cooking simply, without lots of pomp and circumstance, but with lots of flavor.

I'll also be sharing some of my favorite memories related to those recipes, in hopes that by sharing my love of food, I inspire you to make memories of your own in the kitchen and at the dinner table.

Please enjoy my new blog and share your own experiences with recipes you find there, or some of your own favorites. See you there!

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