Thursday, July 24, 2008

id's, ego's, super-ego's, so what?

Someone recently commented that they're always amused at how serious and cynical this blog is when I'm so light-hearted and funny most of the time. I got a good laugh out of it, and even compared the tone of the blog to the title of the blog, but then I got to thinking: could it be that this little aspect of my life is an outlet for my cynical side? Probably.

So then I started thinking about the breakdown of Freudian psychology; you know -- the id, ego and super-ego? And then I got to thinking "so what?"

Fact is, everyone -- in literature terms -- is a dynamic character full of multi-facets. If I were funny all the time I'd be boring to myself if no one else.

To that end though, I almost need to apologize to my readers. For if all you see here is my cynical side, then you're seeing me through a narrow lens. However, if I got all sappy or goofy, you'd wonder why this blog were "jaded" at all.

So in reality, you just wasted two minutes of your life that you could've spent looking at porn to read this little introspection without a point. However, you came here wondering if there'd be anything new to read, and now you know. So hold onto that for your silver lining, and see you next time!

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