Monday, July 07, 2008

Carlsbad Caverns

I took these with ambient light and no flash. So if that last one isn't perfectly crisp, you know why.

The "entrance" to Carlsbad Caverns is an 850 feet walk down through several small rooms. Then the big room, the guided tours, the bottomless pit, the restaurant that serves sandwiches and chips, the souvenir stand, the restrooms, and the elevator back out of the place.

The day we were there, the restaurant ran out of sandwiches. We could choose between some half-dozen varieties of Gatorade, water, or coffee. The only thing to eat was a snack bag of Fritos. So much for my great idea of eating in the cave.

Even so, dragging my four year old to the bottom of this big cave turned out pretty well. He got a little cranky after two hours and all that walking, but the kid held up. What does he remember? The restaurant with the Fritos. Good thing I took photos.

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