Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fun with Randomness

My grandparents didn't have a home phone way back in their day because they couldn't afford one. I don't have a home phone because it's redundant; my cell phone does everything I need from a local line. Seems only my parents' generation needed a land line.

Of course, with a cell phone as a main number, it takes more than one phone and more than one line to cover one household. So where's the redundancy now?

Then again, my generation got away with riding in the rear deck of the family car, with their noses pressed to the back window. Car trips meant stretching out on the back seat (unless you had siblings) and comfortably sleeping, reading, or playing your way to the destination.

Somewhere between the age I didn't need a car seat anyway and pregnancy, the laws changed, and the cost of toting kids around went up to include infant carriers, then car seats, then boosters. Quite frankly I'm surprised there isn't a "tween seat" out yet, as a way to eke even more money out of parents. Then again, parents might stand in long lines to get their hands on something that ties their tweens down in a five point harness. Someone would probably call it sadistic, and that would be the end of "tween seats".

Today I walked past an end cap in Target only to see Hanna Montana beach towels temporarily reduced to $8 and it made me wonder, does Miley Cyrus use/wear Hanna Montana products?

And that thought was followed by "what ever happened to Lizzie McGuire?" I think she re-ran herself out.

But the Olsen Twins still peddle their merchandise successfully to young girls. Maybe Miley and Hilary should consider taking their faces off of everything (but the removable tag) for longevity. Ya can't argue with 50 billion dollars. (Isn't that what the twins are worth these days?)

I peruse movie shelves in just about every store I enter that sells movies. I like seeing what's new in boxed sets. I noticed recently that He-Man has made it to DVD, but where's She-Ra? And I've seen Strawberry Shortcake, but no Smurfs?! It's a travesty of my childhood that I actually have to try and describe a little blue creature "3 apples high" to my kids. Showing them season 1 would be like having Cliff notes. I researched the Smurfs, and it seems that there is indeed some merchandise out there for fans, but since my local Best Buy doesn't sell it, I've never seen it.

Finally, let me tell you a brief bit about me and my bike. We go somewhere almost daily; I'm really fond of my big iron horse. Okay, so it's more like an iron Shetland Pony. Moving on. I drag my helmet around with me, because I've found that upside down it is the perfect bucket for my gloves. And with the chin strap fastened, it makes the cutest fashion accessory! Anyway, Usually I carefully place it in the child's seat portion of a basket rather than drag all my gear around a store. Yesterday a woman saw the helmet in the basket and asked "oh, do you ride?"

True to Bill Engvall form, I really really really wanted to say "Nope. I just carry it around for a purse. (Here's your sign)"

These random thoughts today are brought to you without segue as I can leave it like it is and call it "freethinking". If I put segues in, it's more of a news bit. Perish the thought.


Dach said...

I really wish you would have made the purse comment, especially with the "here's your sign" comment at the end. Then again, if I do move out there, that state had better bewar. Sarcasm in use!

Dach said...

Now if I could only spell, but then again, I addressed that in one of my last blogs too...I think I meant to say, "beware".