Monday, March 24, 2008

Tattoos and eggs

There is nothing like going to a tattoo event. The ink displayed, the artwork displayed, the artists drumming up interest and business.... It's awesome. You can get body parts pierced and/or tattooed. You can buy a new tee shirt; two for $30. You can get a new purse.

What's even better than a tattoo event is dragging three small children to a tattoo event. They LOVE wandering up and down isles, being scared out of their minds by guys getting their heads tattoed and girls with pierced rings up their calves with laces running through them.

Even though the oldest of the young kids (8) was particularly vocal about her dislike for all things inked or pierced, there was hope in the form of an Easter Egg hunt. Because I always think of going to a tattoo event for my Easter Egg hunts, don't you?

So begrudgingly I feigned enthusiasm at the egg hunt, as it was better than a whining child belittling all things that did not interest her. And then, wouldn't you know it, she whined about the hunt, citing all its faults, adding up to "boring". Sheesh. Some people simply cannot be pleased.

I wrangled the three kids for a bit, allowing my partner in crime to peruse the tattoo parlors in search of one that was "close" and "good" -- subjective as that is. We ended up at the car drinking mango juice and snacking on pretzels, as the acres and acres of green grass wasn't entertaining enough either. Kids these days....

(While some of you wonder if this one is fiction or fact, ask yourselves... could I make this stuff up?)

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