Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I've gotta start blogging in my sleep

I had the most awesomely terrible dream last night. It involved big waves, massive flooding, and some guy surfing right into my house through my window that he opened when the waves flung him up against it. Then he grabbed one of my kayak paddles and ran out the front door to do it all again (presumably not through my window though).

When the water rose high enough to submerge the apt I was living in, I was happy to see that the seals around the windows kept the water out. Then I started watching sea otters swim by. It was quite odd. And I'm still not sure how all that water got back out again after the surfer came through the window the first time.

Prior to all of this, however, I had a great idea for a blog. It was part rant, part soap box, part statement of common sense. I know, how dare I. Don' t worry, the downside of not blogging in my sleep is that the good ones like that get forgotten. Apparently in favor of sea otters and strangers stealing my kayak paddles.

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