Wednesday, March 12, 2008

avoiding tags, labels, and links

I'm usually pretty good about avoiding links in my blogs. It's by choice. But to speak of something that is outside my own world or mind, I often feel like I need to link. It's a credit thing. Ya know, avoiding plagiarism, building empirical evidence to make a case, and the like.

But sometimes I just can't help myself with my odd sense of humor. Sometimes I just have to be weird. Occasionally I have to be quirky, eclectic, and full of piss and vinegar -- though some say women can't be, to which I say I have a 20 oz bottle of water and some apple vinegar. What else will I be full of in a couple of hours?

As for tagging my own blogs, well, that's another thing. When people start begging me to do so because they want to read all my wit and charm, I might. Or when I get so bored with every other aspect of my life that I feel like taking the time to do a thorough job on it.

*note: I would've added a link to a photo of a dog begging, but my search pulled up lots of commercial stock photography or free clip-art sites that wanted me to put more effort into registering than I put into this blog. And really, why would I do that if I won't do tags?

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