Tuesday, February 19, 2008

jaded love

Glutted on the commercial buffet that is Valentine's Day, I strolled through the 75% off V-Day stuff no one wanted in the end yesterday. And I didn't want it either. Man it is amazing what is sold to celebrate that holiday.

Stem glasses etched with long, skinny hearts. No twisted stem, no gold or silver edging. Quite frankly, I would've expected to find them in a $1 at full price rather than retail at 3/4 off.

Those hollow chocolates shaped and wrapped to look like long-stemmed roses, though these looked as if the box they'd come in had been used as a soccer ball in the warehouse.

Plush animals in every possible nauseous combination of fabric, color, and style imaginable. We're talking about stuff I wouldn't have wasted my dollar on at the balloon target game at the fair. And I used to waste plenty of dollars throwing darts at balloons.

Left over valentine's cards. The kind you take to school and give out. These were signature characters that went "out of style" two High School Musical's ago. Or nondescript ones that no self-respecting fourth grader would give out, even under duress, for fear of cruel mockery by peers. And what are we supposed to do with these now? Give them out for a late gift? That just reeks of "I was too cheap to buy them when they were $4.00 a pack, so I waited until they were $1" and that reeks of "I'm too snobby to shop the dollar store in the first place...."

By now, dear reader, you must be thinking that I'm one of those bitter women with strings of ex-husbands and lots of lap dogs. Not true. Well, I don't have lots of lap dogs (or house cats). As for exes, my string of failed relationships is fodder for future stories, but unremarkable otherwise, from a legal sense. And at present, I'm in a functional and dare I say joyous relationship.

Really? you ask. Didn't see that one coming. So what does one of your, um, jaded approach to love do to enjoy Valentine's Day? Feed mice to snakes? Watch cichlids devour guppies?

Well, no. First of all, I don't have a snake, nor work with any. And I enjoy watching cichlids devouring live food any day of the year. The hunting methods of a fish can be entertaining. At present though, I'm fresh out of carnivorous fish.

For Valentine's Day, I did what most of you did or strove to do. I enjoyed good company, I shared some giggles and kisses and finished it off with a romantic flourish. The great part was that that's how most of my days go, so it wasn't extraordinary as a stand alone moment. There were no cut flowers, no chocolate, and I received no jewelry. That's just fine, too. Just two days before the big V Day, we bought 2 kayaks and gear.

No, I don't see that as akin to receiving power tools for Christmas (which also doesn't happen to me). Because with two kayaks, the whole family can spend a day out on the water or cross over to a small island and spend the day relaxing, share a picnic lunch, and enjoy a break from cell phones, busy traffic, and the chaos of daily life. Oh, and I get away from the dishes and vacuuming; I find this very romantic indeed!

Love is something I enjoy very much, and I take the art of loving another quite seriously. I just don't need all that pomp and circumstance to create a smoke screen.

Maybe one of those aforementioned exes jaded me with a sad illusion for love with a large piling on of pomp and circumstance. Hmm... now there's a story for you....

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StephenAvery said...

See I take loving with a grain of salt but I take my plush animals in nauseous colors very seriously indeed. Perhaps if we were to ever meet we'd come together in a big impolsion. Only some cool art shots, a kyak paddle, and a few hollow chocolates would remain.