Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Reverse Golden Rule

I think I have 5 readers now. Just to pander to them in attempts to gain their loyalty, I thought I'd write another tidbit from the depths of my mind.

Problem is, I'm fresh out of fascinating stuff from the depths of my mind.

So I looked in shallower waters and found this nugget of wisdom:

The next time someone really good and ticks you off, ask yourself if you were a victim of the golden rule. Were you treating them the way you got treated?

I bring this up at all because I recently got my head snapped off for being coldly succinct. Imagine that, someone accused *me* of being succinct. Anyway, for a few moments I felt remorseful and slightly ashamed, then realized that I was simply responding in kind to how I was being treated in the first place. Well, that allowed me the freedom to feel indignant, ergo this post.

Point is, chances are if people are often nasty to you, you're a nasty person.

Deal with it or fix it.

As for my new readers, there's no pressure to leave a comment, a complaint, or a tip of the hat in appreciation (I prefer tips *in* the hat to tips *of* the hat, truth be known). However, if you want to participate and make this an interactive experience that we can all benefit from, you're gonna have to pony up in the comments department. Suggestions are appreciated as well. They are often ignored, granted, but they are appreciated.

1 comment:

Little Bald Bastard said...

I ascribe to the bronze rule. Hate ideas, not people. Be polite to others, unless they reveal their own douchebaggery. Then let 'em have it.