Monday, October 08, 2007

so here's the thing

with a brain capable of intelligent and witty banter comes great responsibility...

So I have this brain... and plenty to say... and I'm wearing a figurative ball and gag. Weird, if you know me.

But what does my adoring fanbase want to read about? Snippets of everday life? My oh-so-subtle opinion on everything under the sun? How about just a nice 5 second glimpse at photography to give you something to view daily that requires no thought unless you want to invest in thinking?

I know... the decisions are endless.

So give me a shout with your opinions, so I can attempt to make this blog again as interesting as it once was. I mean... better than ever!!


Dach said...

I think you should share all of your new adventures of settling in and re-acclimating yourself in your new surroundings. I'm pretty sure there are some major differences in the state you're in now compared to the state you were in. There's also the drive across the country you can talk about, I bet you have some good ones. That boy of yours sounds like nothing but entertainment.

Sara said...

agreed...let us know how your life is changing!