Monday, October 15, 2007

The price of eggs

Today was a weirdly defining day for me. No awesome hiking moments, although I should add a few miles to my map this week or next... but there was this one local paper....

I picked up a copy of a local free mag -- like Georgia/South Carolina's "Skirt" magazine or Kansas City's "The Pitch" (if both of these are unfamiliar to you, don't worry, the story won't suffer for it).

There was an ad inside looking for egg donors, with a website, and advertising $3K compensation. Three grand for something I can't use anymore. So in a "what the hell" moment, I went to the website. I read through the FAQ's, the "about us" section, and got all the way to the online application. And then I went so far as to fill that out.

I got to the last two questions. They were "why do you want to be an egg donor?" and "what would you say to the recipients of your eggs?" respectively. At that moment, the only answers I had were "for the three thousand dollars" and "have you ever considered adoption?"

At that moment I knew that the money would never be a good reason, nor valid enough, for me to donate my eggs -- albeit anonymously -- to infertile couples looking for medical miracles. And the money, by the way, was potentially equal to $24,000 as they pay three grand for up to a maximum of eight egg harvestings.

*note: the next portion may be downright inflamatory for some alternately opinionated souls. But then, if the reader will check again, one will note that this blog is named "Jaded Objectivity".

But as easily as I could've written the proper fluff about how "all I want to do is assist couples trying to conceive a child and help them bring the joy of parenthood to their relationship by enabling them to expand their family..." blah, blah, blah... or "if my eggs can make another couple's dreams come true..." it would've been a bunch of bull.

There are children that need homes. Many are wards of their respective states because their parents are drug addicts, abusive, both, or something else. There are children born that aren't wanted. There are children abandoned. There are baby factory-minded women that bear children specifically to sell them in private adoption. And that's just the tip of the iceberg that is the needs of existing children in this country.

So really, my eggs don't need to be made available for some decently well-off couple with enough money and dreams to burn to spend on medical alternatives to natural conception. They are my eggs. They are neatly tucked away in side my body. To get them would be akin to mining for oil or diamonds (choose whatever metaphor you like).

Oh, and the potential for a Jerry Springer show where my son is dating his genetic half-sister twenty years from now does send a bit of a chill up my spine.

So there ya have it. I realized that while I'm sure I can be bought, my price is higher than $3K an egg harvesting. If anyone out there wants my eggs.. you're gonna have to pony up more than that. The other moral of this story is "adopt, adopt, adopt!!"

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