Thursday, August 16, 2007

Alice Cooper waves goodbye to Summer

"People, people, please" the harried and exasperated voice says over the chatter of unthrilled youths dropping unopened notebooks on not new wooden-topped desks with pen-carved graffiti and professions of love or hate.

"Time to settle, people" continues the voice in something just above a drone, to heedless ears.

Final bell rings and feet shuffle into something of a disorderly order, reluctant to admit that they're exactly where they are. Smiles fade as talk ebbs; smirks and grimaces take over in their place.

It is no longer "School's Out for Summer", and Alice Cooper and the current group of students covering every grade from preschool on into graduate school bemoan the return of teachers, books, and dirty looks.

Of course, for Alice at least, there is the golf course -- as his days of metriculation ended a few back. For everyone else it's a return to business as usual, whether that is scraping by just above flunking out or fighting for A's.

For many parents however - it's the beginning of nine months of vacation....

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