Friday, July 13, 2007

Road Weary

Before I lead into a series of tales from Korea, California and the Midwest, complete with my impressions, experiences, and a list of places to go and things to do (ambitious, ain't I?), I thought I'd welcome myself back with a smidgeon of pomp and a pinch of circumstance.

Ta Da! I have returned!!

These past few weeks have been riddled with the occasional broadband against an otherwise slow background of dial-up, and my efforts have been centered around my camera and surroundings (minus my bits of down time when I plugged myself into City of Heroes). Now I must commit to sorting through the nearly 3000 photos I took, the scribbled journal entries and miscellaneous notes I wrote in my hurried penmanship, and my brain -- a dark and scary place in and of itself.

Oh yeah, and I am road weary too. Forgetting the 7+K mile flight overseas each way, there was the 850 mile drive to visit family, the 500 mile round trip for my daughter's surgery on the 3rd, the 450 mile trip to visit more family (which left me only a 750 return drive), and all the miscellaneous driving I did while "back home". I love my car. I don't want to get in it again for a month.

Nevertheless, all my complaining aside, I am excited to bring these last 6 (and a half) weeks to life for you here in the coming blogs. You'll want to keep an eye here and see what follows.

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