Sunday, April 08, 2007

Two lovers

Some beauty is so breathtaking that you forget to breathe.

Sometimes it's in the eyes, or the smile. Sometimes it's in the line of a hip, the curve of a leg, the extension of an arm thrown over the back of a chair.

Sometimes it's found in character. Other times it's in something untangible, like a sunset or a lightning strike. Others it's in something perfectly tangible, like a delicate flower or an earnest hug.

But when you experience it -- the breathlessness of it -- you are not unchanged by it.

The greatest love story I ever heard was about the moment two lovers met. They weren't looking for each other, and they didn't expect to find each other. But as they tell it, there was a definitive moment when they both forgot to breathe, completely caught up in each other's eyes and smiles. And every moment of rapture for them can easily be described as exactly like these two calla lilies, intimately and comfortably wrapping themselves into and around each other.

Sometimes love is simply that pure, simply that simple. What I learned from those two lovers is that sometimes all I've retold here is all you need to know.

*photo appears courtesy of Suzisusana.


SuziSusana said...

amazing! that's exactly what i thought about when i saw how that picture came out .... lovers. the man standing behind his woman - brushing her hair to the side ... kissing her neck... her eyes closed - perfect fit.
thank you for translating the photo! again ... brilliant.

Margo Crawford said...

you give me great work to work with! thank *you*.