Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Still Life - Plum Flowers by ~EverydaySoul on deviantART

There's something about the word "beauty" that inspires a score of stereotypes and social definitions and superficial looks.

I suppose that it's defined as differently as there are people, things, places, and ways to define it.

Is it that skinny model in high heels and haute couteure posing for a camera? Is it the endless list of stars gracing a red carpet for a back-patting awards ceremony? Is it the overweight girl with the honest smile and the sparkle in her eyes? Is it the father kissing his young daughter on the forehead? Is it a field of wild flowers or the fierce crashing of twenty foot waves just off shore? Is it monochrome or colorful? Is it in you?

*photo appears courtesy of The Photo Jock

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