Tuesday, April 24, 2007

bits of glass

green without envy by =Miladydaisy on deviantART

Bits of glass. Little pieces of rounded, colorful, harmless glass. It's not to say that they can't be broken and can therefore potentially cut, but just as they are they are as good as mute, being not pointed at all.

It's a metaphor. Find it.

Friday, April 20, 2007

my gay marriage/civil union opinion

I'm interrupting your daily (or near daily) dose of photographic art with my opinion.

Warning: you will probably form an opinion and get pissed off if you continue reading.

but you are allowed the posting of your opinion in the comments, so it's fair.

I'm sick of the whole argument over gay marriage and civil unions. Bored with it. It's absolutely stupid to argue the point. Because at the heart of it, only the rights allowed couples are really all that matter. So here's my opinion:

Personally, I don't care if one wants to make his/her roommate, brother, sister, next door neighbor, boss, cat, or goldfish his beneficiary of his estate with the same rights as a spouse... I think that it should be allowed legally outside of a marriage contract. Right of survivorship, contractual obligations and purchases (homes, cars, life insurance...), personal wealth and assets... I personally think everyone should be able to make decisions and enter into such agreements as these without legaleze such as "marriage" or "civil union".

Personally, I think the whole terminology vs. rights is a bunch of bull, no matter if it's gay rights, hetero rights, marriage rights, or the like.

Traditionally, legal contracts required legal unions because legal unions were considered binding. Well, it's fairly easy to get a divorce these days, so the idea that a married couple will continue to be married for the duration of a 60 month car loan is almost a fairy tale in an age where the divorce rate is over 50%, so those antiquated notions of "shared responsibility" and "lasting committed relationship" don't really mean anything to a lending institution when it comes to the bottom line.

Two non-sexual (or sexually intimate), non-related people should be able to buy a home together, purchase a car together, share health insurance plans (through an employer), establish net worth together (wealth), combine money, etc... but there are a lot of limitations for how two non-related people combine their estates/wealth/assets/ etc.

And here the problem gets really stupid. The laws are set up, so that -- for example -- credit card companies can only go after the account holder, not others able to sign on the account. So say a husband never adds his wife to an account, then she cannot be held accountable for the charges on it. (I learned this the hard way with my ex when I didn't put him on my account but allowed him to sign on it.) Really, this is an easy fix. Make any and all users on an account equally responsible for it. There don't need to be any "civil union" laws to that end.

And on that note, such simple fixes could be (and should be) applied to health insurance policies, contract purchases, etc... and the entire fight over whether a gay marriage will be ceremoniously recognized will become closer to moot.

Now on the note about religious recognition. No, we as a society should not change nor try to change Christianity or any other religion to force it to accept gay marriage. And here's why:

(If you are offended by specific citations as evidence, quit reading now, because I'm going to cite the Bible as evidence... seeing as how the Bible is the book by which Christianity is founded and referenced)

Leviticus 18:22
"You [God to Moses, giving him the basis of Jewish law] are not to go to bed with a man as with a woman; it is an abomination."

According to the most basic and strictest sense of Judaism/Christianity, homosexuality is an abomination. That is the belief of those religions, and by freedom of religion, practitioners are free to believe such.

Forcing change upon those religions is a direct infringement on that freedom of religion. Not to mention it's no better or different than forcing non-religious types to participate in prayer in public.

So I don't think changing someone's right to believe in their own religion is the answer.

Now for those that uphold the "homosexuality as abomination" religious viewpoint:

(warning, another biblical quote)

The same God that condemns homosexuality in Leviticus says in

Romans 14:13
"Therefore let us not judge one another..."

Christians should not take it upon themselves to force the rest of the known world against homosexuality simply because they believe it to be wrong. According to Jewish law, it is, for them, but not everyone is striving to be held accountable to Jewish law.

So my steadfast opinion is thus:

Claim as your significant other whomever you want to, with whatever phrases best suits your needs. Get religion out of the legalizing of rights with regards to any/all relationships, because we've already separated church and state as a nation anyway. And quit trying to make it a religious issue.

Who you partner yourself with is not a matter of the church. And the STATE should be held more accountable for allowing rights between conjoined peoples that are not traditionally nor heterosexually married.

And just about everyone should get over themselves. It'd be a lot simpler if we would simply deal with the issue of rights and leave everything else where it belongs -- in personal opinion.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

romeo is prince charming

Cinderella by ~JacquiJax on deviantART

To Juliet, Romeo is her Prince Charming.
And after dancing the night away, she tore herself out of his arms to race home before she got caught out. Good thing she left that darned shoe behind in the style of Cinderella...

*Photo appears courtesy of Jacqueline Vallarino

Monday, April 16, 2007

marshmallow beach

The beach blanket is slightly covered in a dusting of sand, kicked there haphazardly as they giggled and chased each other to the surf where the waves lick the land.

Forgotten marshmallows wait speared and cold, as the sun still shines. Maybe the ants will get to them before dark falls, maybe not. Maybe the two lovers, acting years younger than they are, will return in time to sear the edges with fire and tempt themselves with the tasty gooey treat and with each other.

Their splashing and laughter is contagious. I smile, hoping that I will be so deliriously in love and given over to sophomoric romanticism when I'm their age....

Friday, April 13, 2007


The lock by =nemisis11 on deviantART

She locked her heart against all pain, and blocked out the love.
Too many times men played games with the intent of owning her
or worse, and too many times she played into their hands
or worse. Standing before her is a man who is offering honest eyes
and a key to the lock. Standing before her is a chasm she must
decide to jump across or not, with nothing but his waiting arms
as a safety net.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Still Life - Plum Flowers by ~EverydaySoul on deviantART

There's something about the word "beauty" that inspires a score of stereotypes and social definitions and superficial looks.

I suppose that it's defined as differently as there are people, things, places, and ways to define it.

Is it that skinny model in high heels and haute couteure posing for a camera? Is it the endless list of stars gracing a red carpet for a back-patting awards ceremony? Is it the overweight girl with the honest smile and the sparkle in her eyes? Is it the father kissing his young daughter on the forehead? Is it a field of wild flowers or the fierce crashing of twenty foot waves just off shore? Is it monochrome or colorful? Is it in you?

*photo appears courtesy of The Photo Jock

Monday, April 09, 2007

for weary travelers

road to nowhere II by =Miladydaisy on deviantART

Sometimes "the road not taken" isn't the one we wish we had taken, when looking backwards.

Sometimes life's journey costs too much, gains too little, seems empty as this road. The strong persevere and make something out of it anyway. The able get through it. The rest become various forms of road kill or road markers.

So this photo, and whatever you make of it, is my story for all the weary travelers.

Photo appears courtesy of Cat

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Two lovers

Some beauty is so breathtaking that you forget to breathe.

Sometimes it's in the eyes, or the smile. Sometimes it's in the line of a hip, the curve of a leg, the extension of an arm thrown over the back of a chair.

Sometimes it's found in character. Other times it's in something untangible, like a sunset or a lightning strike. Others it's in something perfectly tangible, like a delicate flower or an earnest hug.

But when you experience it -- the breathlessness of it -- you are not unchanged by it.

The greatest love story I ever heard was about the moment two lovers met. They weren't looking for each other, and they didn't expect to find each other. But as they tell it, there was a definitive moment when they both forgot to breathe, completely caught up in each other's eyes and smiles. And every moment of rapture for them can easily be described as exactly like these two calla lilies, intimately and comfortably wrapping themselves into and around each other.

Sometimes love is simply that pure, simply that simple. What I learned from those two lovers is that sometimes all I've retold here is all you need to know.

*photo appears courtesy of Suzisusana.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

red sunset

Burning red by =nemisis11 on deviantART

Photo appears courtesy of Jon

I am tapped out of inspiration today. I'm bleeding,
much like these clouds, a dark blood red fire
that is about to scorch through me as it burns the sky.

Monday, April 02, 2007

the jazz door

the jazz door by =Miladydaisy on deviantART

The saxophone on the door opened into a dark club, tastefully decorated in blue neon lights and dimly lit vinyl booths. In the middle were wooden chairs around small round tables large enough for a votive candle and a couple of drinks, maybe an ashtray.

On Thursday nights, it was standing room only.

On Thursday nights, the hottest local jazz band played, like they had played every night for the last two years. On Friday nights they played a larger venue, and rocked it too, but the feel of the small club was unbeatable, and the acoustics were perfect. It was intimate enough for a couple to hear each other without screaming, and loud enough that no one else was gonna hear them either.

I tell you all this because I want you to understand that this club was where the music thrived. So when they shut it down, because the owner died, because there were no next of kin and because it was settled as part of his estate, paying off his debts... when all those things happened, the music died.

The music was part of the soul of that place, but that jazz door was the doorway to the music. Somehow the closing of the jazz door closed the door to their hearts. No one really can explain it, but it was a lot like the couple that dies together within days of each other because they don't want to live without the other. Plain as that.

I hear the saxophone player bought that door and put it on the front of his house. But I also hear he sold his sax and never played another note.

Funny how some doors work like that.

*photo appears courtesy of Cat