Thursday, March 08, 2007


Day at the beach 8 by =nemisis11 on deviantART

I don't have bikini-clad surfers around here to take photos of, so I'm borrowing the use of this photo from Jon, graciously of course.

Seems that stores are gearing up for summer much quicker than I am. Seems that again, another swimsuit season has begun where I don't shop near the aisles in Wal-mart where bathing suits are displayed. This is true of Target, J C Penney, Dillard's... you get the picture.

It's not because I hate my body and can't stand the thought of donning a bathing suit. True enough, I never like shopping for one, and only do it under duress because the seat of my former suit is threadbare or some similar disparity, but the real reason I hate swimsuit shopping lies in economics.

It's just so damned expensive to buy a scrap of lycra-spandex/latex that covers less than most underwear. I could hunt, kill, and field-skin a deer for less. Well, I personally couldn't, because I don't know how to skin anything except an orange, but it's the point here people....

Even the ugly suits are expensive. It's just plain ridiculous how much they can price the stuff and get away with it... especially and almost exclusively pertaining to female suits. Don't believe me? Go see how many $96 suits you can find in the men's section and then go see how many suits you can find under $60 in the women's section of a "fine department store." Really, with supply and demand all over the place, how did we become so complacent as shoppers to support the prices?

If you're an economics major, professor, or businessman, please don't answer that question. It was rhetorical anyway.

As for bikini-clad surfers, I suggest you visit Jon in Hawai'i. He knows where they all hang out.


Jon said...

If enough come it won't matter where they hang out - we would make our own place. ;) And I am all for bikini-clad surfers to come visit me and get pictures taken. LOL

Though, I agree with you, swimsuit's are overpriced.

SuziSusana said...

... well, everything is overpriced. the secret is to buying it after the season. my favorite piece of thread was a $400 set i bought for $25.
you see, i dont just hunt for men to seduce, i also hunt for good deals ;-)
oh... and no one likes to shop for bathing suits.
except anorexic teenagers. but even they think they're too fat. ~