Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I wonder what the marshmallow in the middle did to be in the center of an angry mob of marshmallows.

And the two all curled up together, one laying on his or her side... are they just around to see some gratuitous violence, or did they orchestrate the whole thing?

Maybe the surrounded marshmallow tried to rape the other one's girlfriend. Maybe he just called her a slut.

Or maybe the marshmallow in the center wears glasses, is smarter than the others, has argyle hair, drives an Edsel, prefers peppermint to chocolate, is poor, likes sunsets and puppies.... the list could go on forever.

The point, should I choose to make one, is that everyday people get surrounded at the exact same moment they're being ostracized. At work, it could be the girl who had a brilliant idea that the boss is afraid might be good enough to jeopardize his job security. At school it could be the guy that broke the curve and screwed up three jocks' grades enough to keep the team from winning the big game. At church, it can often be the girl who's prude by Baptist standards and prays for your soul every night. On the streets it can be over anything, at anytime, and can last for a moment or the rest of your life... even it your life lasts only another moment.

Thing is, people like to point out the differences in others and then surround themselves with supporters who believe the same thing. We used to call it "ganging up on someone" back when gangs didn't really exist. Now we call the ACLU and start a civil suit and try to get another law passed protecting the right of argyle-haired people from discrimination against those that find argyle hair tacky. And similar-minded stuff.

In the name of freedom of speech we are pushing for freedom from speech.

In the name of freedom of religion we are pushing for freedom from religion.

In the name of freedom of civil liberties we are eroding the civil liberties we have left until there will be none.

In the name of the individual, we are eradicating the majority, the masses, the community, until each individual will soon have the right to be free of interaction with any other individual under penalty of fine or imprisonment or a name on a list somewhere.

In the name of time, I will not start stating my evidence, because not one person, myself included, has the inclination to look it all up or read it all if I compile it for you.

To test my theory/opinion, watch the news for a week. Check in on CNN, C-SPAN, FOX, whatever you wish, and see what ridiculous news makes headlines from the 6-year old boy that got suspended for kissing a little girl on the cheek at school (sexual harassment... do you think he's on a sex offender's list because of it?) to law suits for coffee being served hot, burgers being served with calories in them, and the list just goes on and on.

If you agree with me, come on, let's form a mob and surround those that disagree with us and stare at them real hard and make them uncomfortable. If you disagree with me, you have the right to leave me alone. (this paragraph is supposed to be taken tongue-in-cheek, for those readers needing clarification or a sense of humor)*.

Remind me about how the school made my daughter and her boyfriend break up, and I'll explain why this tirade came to be.

*It has come to my attention through other communication means besides this here blog that not all my readers are native English speakers, and sometimes don't get my meaning. It has also come to my attention that other readers just don't get my sense of humor. I have scientists locked away in a dark basement somewhere in North Dakota working round the clock to produce a pill that I will make available for purchase that produces a sense of humor. Patent pending, awaiting FDA approval. (again, tongue-in-cheek... I can't afford to employ scientists.)

** photo appears courtesy of Cat

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