Friday, March 02, 2007

somewhere she waits

Somewhere she waits in an overstuffed chair, trying to focus on the Louis L'Amour book in her hands as her mind drifts from worry to trepidation and back again. It's been too long, she thinks to herself, since he's written home.

He left for Iraq over a year ago, and it's been a couple of months since she heard from him last. "Doesn't mean anything" she tells her well-wishing friends. "You know how it is."

And she does know how it is, because she's been briefed on "how it is."

Through her smiles, she cries unspent tears. Through her loneliness, she carries pictures and memories close to her heart.

She just knows he's coming home; she just doesn't know when.

The phone ringing breaks her reverie and she answers it with her usual lilting "hello?" Static and silence mix and she wonders if she's connected at all, when finally her prayer is answered in one word. "Mom?...."

Photo appears courtesy of suzisusana


SuziSusana said...

i'm speechless. this is priceless. i'm honored and moved by this.
~thank you~

Margo Crawford said...

you are welcome suzi :]
and I am grateful for the inspiration. keep shooting...