Monday, March 19, 2007

les nuages by =nerdynotdirty on deviantART

She waits for absolution.

She loved with her whole heart and gave her entire self -- body and soul -- to a man that forgot her name when he woke.

He touched her with such assuredness, kissed her with such fire, that she forgot herself in his intentions. They planned a life together, for a while, unaware that time ticked on and life was not controllable by design. They didn't -- nor could they -- plan on the car that hit him one night, flipping his body into the air and depositing it carelessly behind it. He entered a coma instantly and remained there for weeks.

Breathing was controlled by machines. Eating was performed by machines. Brain function was monitored by machines. There was no machine to download his memories back into his consciousness. He just didn't remember her. He didn't remember anything.

She is assured that there is a chance it will all come flooding back one day.

Until then, until it happens or until she gives up hope... she is waiting for absolution.

*photo appears courtesy of Rockie LaDell Nolan


SuziSusana said...

oh my goodness! i did not see that coming. that was powerful - unpredictable and i loved it. the picture is great too! very peaceful.


Margo Crawford said...

I love being able to surprise and please! thank you so much :)