Tuesday, March 20, 2007

empty seat

Bench in color by ~mightystag on deviantART

When they were young they met in the park and had lunch sitting on the same bench every day, watching the children and dogs play, feeding bread crumbs to the geese by the pond.

When they married and had children of their own, they came to the park and chased their kids and dogs until tired the collapsed on the bench for a rest.

When he retired they walked hand in hand in the park and ate lunch on the bench, feeding bread crumbs to the geese.

When she passed he came to the park at sat on the bench day after day, looking lost and ignoring the geese altogether.

He told me, sitting on a bench outside the hospital, how much he loved benches and parks, as I fed crackers to pigeons. He told me how much they loved each other, and how happy he was she wasn't around to see him go through chemo. How strong in spirit he was, if not in body.

After my shift tonight I planned on hurrying home, cutting through the cold as quickly as possible, but the bench was warmly lit in yellow light, and it was empty. I had nothing better to do than sit for a while and reflect.

*photo appears courtesy of mightystag.


Grace Carter said...

I love, love, *love* what you're doing here...writing stories about the pictures. Teach me how! Actually, I might just do that with some of yours...hmm, there's an idea...

much love

xoxo - me

Margo Crawford said...

Find a photo that says something to you, and then tell the story of what it says to you. Simple as that :) I look forward to seeing what you come up with!