Friday, March 09, 2007

china garden

china garden by =cappaholic on deviantART

Beautiful, isn't it? This amazing IR (infrared) photo was taken by the talented Doug C. Lowe. He admitted to me that it is neither a garden in China, nor an oriental garden at all. Ah, artistic license....

The colors are so soothing and inviting that I just want to grab my love's hand and walk with him there, across that bridge, stand under that dead tree, and absorb the beauty around me. Of course, since this photo was taken in IR, it wouldn't look like this should I find the place, but as a dreamscape it is the stuff of fancy.

Going into this weekend, I wanted something beautiful and relaxing to end my week with. I have had some great rants, and a couple of them even showed up in blogs in the last few days. Ready to relax and exhale a long breath, I intend to make myself a nice cup of hot tea and melt into stillness for the next couple of days. This chicken is going quit running around and sew its head back on. Enjoy the weekend ya'll....

*Photo appears courtesy of Doug C. Lowe

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