Wednesday, March 21, 2007


She didn't think herself beautiful. She was tall and lanky and thin and had always succeeded as a wallflower.

Passing a couple on the street, she overheard the man say "you have wonderful child-bearing hips my love" with his hand appreciatively on the woman's hip. She didn't know exactly what that meant, but she knew she didn't have child-bearing hips. She didn't suppose she ever would.

Her mother always said "one day you'll bloom into a lovely woman" but she didn't believe her mother.

Catching her reflection in the windows of a coffee shop, she reluctanctly admitted she looked wilted. To her surprise, she also caught a man smiling at her. Quickly she turned and returned the gaze, and slowly a smile crept over her face. He nodded and walked on by, but her heart lifted and her shoulders straightened a bit and she smiled at the next person who met her gaze. Maybe she would bloom into something beautiful after all.

*photo appears courtest of kimbly

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