Thursday, March 01, 2007

artistic inspiration and tornado watches

I know all my faithful readers came here today to see what visual treats and witty banter I would offer up on the buffet of blogs. I, too, expected to dazzle myself with brilliance more radiant that a flawless diamond, flawlessly cut. Imagine my disappointment when I was not inspired by any photographers that I could get spur-of-the-moment permission to display their work.

It threw my entire creative writing process into a tizzy. No photo, no inspiration. Wild, isn't it, that I'm working backwards like that?

My advice, Amando Amantes over there in my links takes you to the page of a lovely photographer, but you've got to search the page for the link to her photography. So in short, go visit her, and give her a comment about how you'd love to see her work displayed here, and then ask her to email the photo of her choice to me. :smile:

Suzi, bring my creative tizzy back under control with your artistic genius.

please. before there's a mutiny from my readers!

As for the blatant disregard for any serious writing on my part, blame the excess amount of caffeine I ingested today in my feeble attempts of warding off a migraine much like turning off the TV actually stopping the news from being reported.

On that note, I watched the news tonight long enough to find out that my part of the universe is under a tornado watch. I used to live in the Midwest, where every day from February 1st to June 15th was a tornado watch. Hell, ever heard of Stormchasers? ...That's there stomping ground. To tell me I'm under a tornado watch is like telling me that there's dirt on my pants. I'll do something about it when I have to, and otherwise, I really don't care. (I have a toddler. Caring about a little dirt went out a few years back).

What I do care about are those damed sirens they use when a tornado has been spotted. They're great for getting the word out to those that aren't glued to the local Viper 10, but after 40 minutes of listening to them scream in my ears, I don't care about the sirens, the potentially destructive tornado barreling down on me, or whether or not my home insurance is paid up just so long as I can have some quiet.

And with the news of tornado watches for my area securely in my belt, I turned off the TV for the night. I noticed some dirt on my pants, and figured it was as good a time as any to start a load of laundry.


SuziSusana said...

you are hilarious!! of course you can use my photos ;-)

SuziSusana said...
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SuziSusana said...

by the way, i love the new approach with the photos. im interested to see the interpretation of my photos.
... and here i came to your page for inspiration :)