Monday, March 26, 2007

America's Favorite Pasttime

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It's almost upon us again. The hot dogs, the cold beers, the jeers and cheers of fans... yeah, summer's greatest sport is about to begin... baseball.

I've been to a few major league games. I've been to many minor league games. I used to date a pitcher for the high school team back in that day.... I'd rather be at a game in person, preferably right behind the catcher, than watching it on TV, and I just don't care about scores, stats, rankings, pennants and all that jazz. Sorry, all you baseball fanatics. I'll settle for being the ambivalent fan, thank you.

Ever since the baseball strike in the 90's and the NHL strike in... '05 I believe it was... I'm ambivalent about pro sports as a whole. I still love my NFL, but not as much as I used to, I sadly admit. While I hate the idea of a glass ceiling in any industry, I also think that pro players are well payed for their contributions to society.

Photo appears courtesy of Jon, an avid baseball fan.

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SuziSusana said...

I agree with you. I couldn't count the baseball, hockey and football games i've been to - but i could tell you how many i've watched on TV. Maybe if I had a man selling cotton candy in my house, I would watch it on TV :)
but i dont - so i dont.