Thursday, February 01, 2007

Weighing in on Weight

Since today was Tyra Banks's day to voice her opinions about her now 161 lb. frame on her talk show, I thought I'd ante up with my two cents too.

Now I have no idea what went on on today's show; I've neither watched the show, nor the news. I'll wait and let Extra or Entertainment Tonight give me their spin on what I missed. What I do know is that the previously 131 lb. former supermodel-turned-producer/talk show host/actress is now tipping the scales at a reported 161 lbs. as seen (airbrushed, of course) on the current cover of People magazine.

And she looks gorgeous.

The magazine boasts the headline "You call this fat[?!]" and I, for one, do not. I call her healthy looking, beautiful, glowing... but I do not call her fat.

I also am quite excited about Milan and other European fashion centers putting a weight limit on models, stating (finally!) that there is a "too skinny" for the runway. Their attempts at putting meatier (ha!) models on the runway is the backlash for such controversy as eating disorders and an industry that promotes little girls make themselves sick in the name of "beauty".

No, I'm not putting any links in this particular blog to help you get to the sources of my info. If you want more, go pick up a current copy of People magazine, go google Tyra Banks' show or Extra! or Entertainment Tonight or just form your own opinion about the Kate Moss' of the world. Watch the actresses on Oscar night, vying to see who can be the thinnest in their designer gowns. Then go to an art gallery and look at the paintings or reprints of classical pieces. All the women portrayed there had meat on them and curves. Some even had dimples in their elbows! the fatties....

Maybe a couple of generations from now there will be a complete reversal in society as to what *beautiful* is. For now, let's all go get a big bowl of ice cream and a couple of carrot sticks.

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Jon Lawrence said...

carrot sticks don't add weight, I suggest ice cream and chips and dip. =D (yes I prefer salty snacks. ;] )