Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Reasons, Excuses, and my Tongue in my Cheek

Someone recently requested that I blog on Star Crossed again, with more of my personal thoughts and feelings.

I think it's awesome that the three loyal readers I still have1 can't get enough of me and want more than I put here. But the demands of meeting the demands of all of three readers is exhausting! (ok, not really. Ya'll don't usually ask for much.)

There are all these great new projects I'm involved in. For starters, there's the deviant art thing. (see Feb. 19, 2007 blog for more information). Then there's the submitting articles and shorts2 for publication. Now there's talk between me and a brilliant-minded friend of mine of a joint creative venture. And I've got a birthday party to throw too!!

So obviously, getting more out of me than you all have just can't be done. On second thought, it may be possible, but I think that that is only legal in Nevada and Amsterdam, and I'm in Georgia.

cue the drums: (buh-du-du-cheu)

1 I lost a reader for unknown reasons. He was 25% of my audience. Please tell all your friends about this blog, so that I can recoup the losses....
2 Not actual shorts, like bermuda shorts or walking shorts or hot pants. No, I mean short short stories, which are actually shorter than short stories. Maybe they should call them Daisy Duke stories or Hot Pants stories....

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SuziSusana said...

hey i'm still here :)