Wednesday, February 28, 2007


This dragon graces the streets of Seoul, Korea and is made entirely out of popcicle sticks. Someone must have a terrible tummy ache for their efforts.

The artist is to be commended for both undertaking such a large project (those shiny things at the bottom of the picture are the roofs of minivans), and for choosing small wooden sticks as a medium. I hope he used Gorilla Glue TM.

I remember being a kid and trying to dye my tongue various shades of orange, purple, green, and red with popcicles. Growing up, I thought we were given the frozen sugar-water treat as a reward for behaving, but after becoming a parent, I realize it's really just to force the kids to go outside for a good 20 minutes and get out from underfoot. I had no idea how much easier it is to do the dishes without a three year old trying to help, until I learned that it was worth the subsequent bath just to get him away from the kitchen knives.

I also learned that giving toddlers baths is a great way to get the bathroom floor clean. For surely if you have to run answer the phone, save dinner from burning, or change the laundry, a toddler can soak a bathroom in a half-inch of bathwater in the three minutes that you are gone.

Frankly, I think the Corps of Engineers could learn a few things from toddlers with regards to efficiency in controlled flood projects.

And as I watch my son demolish all my hard work at assembling a 2 1/2 foot long jetliner made from legos, I realize that demolishing teams could learn a thing or two. Including how far schrapnel can fly through the air with the least amount of force.

I'll bet the artist of that popcicle dragon has kids.

*Photo appears courtesy of E. David

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