Monday, December 18, 2006


Ever wonder what happens to the kids of various infamous people? For example, what will Michael Jackson's kids grow up to be like? Or how about Madonna's, Britney Spears', or Brangelina's? What will Prince Harry grow up to be?

I've pondered this a bit over the course of my life, occasionally enjoying the answers as time has passed. For example, Stella McCartney became a famous fashion designer while Julian Lennon had one hit and faded out of the tabloids quietly. Paris Hilton, well... who thought being the daughter of a Hotel owner could result in more tabloids, influence a character in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (the character "London), and be enough to get a record contract with little talent and no prior dues to the industry. Oh, and the "Simple Life" show. Wow. In my opinion, it's a complete waste of energy of all those involved to promote her, but it does show that America is still full of opportunity for the ambitious.

But what about the lesser known infamous people? Those that had their fifteen minutes of fame for one tabloid reason or another? The lesser scam artists, murders, rapists of the 5 o'clock news? What about their kids? Anyone got any stories on the children of the modern day Jesse James' and Bonnie and Clyde's?

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