Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ain't it grand to be a woman and abuse the system?

I am sick of efforts to equalize race, gender, sex, political slant, religious bias, hair color, length of nails, and such ending in a mandated regulation that ends up with reverse age/sex/gender/blah, blah, blah discrimination.

Here is one brief example:

You men out there. You go sign a contract swearing your oath to protect the U.S. from foreign and domestic enemies so help you God, and you give 4, 6 years of your life to the Armed Forces. Good for you. Shy of a nervous breakdown resulting in some mental disorder, or breaking yourself, you're gonna spend those years serving your country. And thank you to all who do.

Now you women. You sign the same contract, state your oath, and ship out to BCT (that's "Basic", for all you old-schooler's). You get through it, go on to AIT, and fall in love with another soldier. (You fall in love with another soldier, because all you've seen for the last 9, 12, 26 weeks are men in green uniforms; blue if you're Navy, etc...)

Over some various leave, it doesn't matter which one, you and your new beau run off to the courthouse and get hitched, have lots of sex in a cheap hotel for 3, maybe 4 days, and then you return to the barracks and your military way of life. Good for you. You PCS (that means you go to a new duty station), and find out you're knocked up!!

(stay with me, folks....)

Your hubby is excited; he's gonna be a daddy!! Yay!!! You're thrilled, you're a mommy-to-be!!!

Now what to do! You're on the Pacific Coast and he's in Germany. How are you gonna do this?! You're still trying to get Ops to fix paperwork so that the two of you can get stationed in the same place!!

Not to worry, oh newly pregnant one! Your husband may have to serve his country to the letter of his enlistment, but *You* are entitled to a "Get out of Jail Free!" card!!

Yes, you, young and irresponsible girl, can be chaptered out of the military!! Hell, we're talking Stay-at-home-mom-Army-wife stuff here!! You can be a hero and an inspiration for simply getting pregnant!!

The U.S. Taxpayers -- John Q. Public -- just spent $35,000 to get you through BCT, let alone your specialized school (AIT), and you went off and got pregnant before being in the military for one little year, and now you can go home like it was all summer camp with grenades and live fire.

Oh, and you don't even have to repay John Q. Public for the free job training, either.

Now, I am a woman, so I can be embittered without anyone screaming sexism. HA! But I take oaths seriously, and find that women who follow the example mentioned above (and I know a couple personally...) to be irresponsible and dishonorable beyond words that can accurately convey my current emotions.

Being a soldier is something I thank every current, former, retired, and veteran member of the armed forces for. Being a woman, a wife, and a mom is a great honor as well -- individually and cooperatively. But using one to back out of the other is despicable in my opinion.

Take both seriously, and honor your word. You sign up to serve 4 years? Then bloody well serve them.


Anonymous said...

I heard of a story of a couple that served in Iraq. Don't know the details or regulations involved, but according to my source, she is coming off maternity leave and can report for service (which means getting sent to Iraq in her case) for a few months. If she does not report, her husband MUST serve. For a longer period of time.

She is, of course, choosing to stay. The husband, who hasn't spent a full year with his newborn yet, is going.

Margo Crawford said...

You can choose to remain in the military as a mom and wife of another serviceman. It's in the regulations. It's just also in them to chapter out with a "no blood, no fault" attitude.

For those women who choose to stay in after becoming mothers while serving, Ultimate Kudos! It's a hard road, being a mom, a wife, and a soldier. My hat's off to you. And this rant was certainly not about you.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the above, my brother's wife is coming off of maternity leave and is shipping off to Iraq in Feb. She is keeping up with her obligation, and my brother is going to be the one taking care of three kids.
The advantage for him is that they can't move him for another station, so the family (minus mom for six months) will stay in the same place they've been since my niece was born.