Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sometimes I need to dust off presupposition and circumstance and just stand in the sun without cobwebs aging me and dating me.

yeah, that's vagueness for ya. But every once in a while vagueness is just what is needed. Oh, sure it's not as juicy as gossip or as reliable as facts, but if there were a specific story to be told here, instead of allusions to the greater potential, then I'd tell it.

Perhaps the greatest thing about life is that the best moments are stories that are not sharable with the whole world. Usually it's only for the people that experienced them. Sometimes the stories are sacred, like trips to Vegas, that are not to be disclosed even under duress. Sometimes they just wouldn't mean anything to anyone but those that lived them. I've had a few experiences like that lately.

So for vagueness, I get an "A", and for storytelling I'm gonna fail this one.

I'll leave you with the quiet and gentle nudge to sit back for a minute and relish a moment that is yours -- or mostly yours -- alone to enjoy. Smile, indulging that chuckle or grin that wants to excape your lips... it's okay to do so. If there is another friend or two that will enjoy reliving the moment with you, give them a call or drop them an email.

Chances are these are the great stories that go unsung in our lives, the ones that will never be turned into novels, movies.... They're also the ones that don't have to be, maybe even shouldn't be, but have more meaning and are more cherished for it.

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