Wednesday, October 11, 2006

well isn't this fine news

So now I need surgery too. And since the body part in question no longer has enough usable parts to patch it back together, it's going to require a "cadaver graft", which is exactly what it sounds like... grafting parts from a cadaver into me. Yay. I've seen too many B-rated horror movies for this not to be a bit creepy; it's only cool that modern medical science can do such things until your doctor tells you that he's going to be doing it to you.

On the up side, once my daughter is healed from her extensive surgery, I can go under the knife for my own, therefore only putting one of us down at a time. On the down side, It's gonna eat up the next 6 months of my life in pretty efficient and chaotic fashion.

When this is done, I should be "fixed". Good. I think modern medical science is almost out of options....


redwulf said...

Two songs come to mind. One is by Rob Zombie, the other, ironically, by The Cranberries.

SuziSusana said...

oh my god.