Friday, October 27, 2006


To my readers, I must seem like a lazy writer. I'm not. I'm a busy writer, complete with all sorts of fun anecdotes in various writing styles. I'm a lazy blogger.

Now, it's not because I don't love to write -- or blog. It's because I'm terribly self-absorbed these days. Living all the great things that become greater stories sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.

Today, living great things means that my back door is open and I'm listening to the rain bounce off of my back patio. The sound of wet wood is refreshing, as the rain is cooling and the sky is grey and full of dull ambient light.

Today has been a quiet, slow kind of passing of the time; the kind of day where curling up with a good book is all it takes to be completely content. I spent it cooking leizurely over the stove and then watching one of my favorite movies on DVD. It's been a great day.

Sometimes all I need is a good rainy day to slow down and enjoy doing nothing. Basking in something of an afterglow, I'm gently bragging about it to you, dear reader, because I hope if you've not had a day like this lately, you have one soon.


Al said...

With all that has been happening lately in your life, don't you think that you need and deserve a day like this. Enjoy it because it will pass too quickly.

SuziSusana said...

its a wonderful thing that moments like this get noticed, and its even better that you share the details so that i can remember my days like that.
~signed, another lazy blogger