Monday, October 23, 2006

In the details

I had Lasik performed a couple of days ago; now I see better than I have in more than 22 years. What I see has almost brought me to tears. Not because it's beautiful, though sometimes it is. Not because it's funny, though sometimes it is. Sometimes it's ugly, or painful, or the like, but it is always amazing and intriguing and fills me with wonder.

For example, pine trees really do look similar to Christmas trees with a likeness I had never been able to identify before because I had never been able to accurately see the top of a pine tree from the ground.

And I had never noticed before the actual tire tread in the black marks on concrete highway dividers. There are also many smaller scratches within the larger black mark that may be white or some other paint color. I had no idea such details ever existed before.

It's a fabulous thing, being able to see. I mean really being able to see. I had no idea that I was missing so much in life.

I look forward to seeing what's next. Pun intended.


Jon Lawrence said...

hahahaha...pun intended...hmm. Alrght, the teasing portion is done.

BTW - others can see things they didn't get to see that often now as well - such as your beautiful eyes.

Ching-wah tsao duh liao mahng ex-boyfriend said...

And to think... all those years ago, you never knew how hot I really looked. :)

Or not-hot. Maybe I should be counting my blessings right now.