Monday, October 02, 2006

bragging rights

I didn't marry a doctor.

I didn't marry a lawyer.

I didn't marry an executive, a middle-level management ladder climber, or a man of status.

I married for love.

Love. And companionship. We share similar mindsets, values, and ethics. We share laughter. We share smiles.

To hell with the rest. Bragging rights are not for parents to sit over coffee, wine, cigars... and live vicariously through their childrens' successes. Bragging rights are for those who live the life first hand.

I'm a parent, so I know something of bragging rights. I get to brag that my kid can walk (at all), overcoming a debilitating birth defect. I get to brag that she is sweet, loving, caring, good-natured, and even more... and one day I'll brag that she has made her life exactly what she wanted of it.

Regardless of whether or not she marries a doctor, a lawyer, or a man of status. Regardless of whether or not she marries at all. I'd rather that she loved with her whole heart than with her mind and her manipulations.

To hell with the rest.

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Penny said...

Love is the best reason to marry and to best environment in which to reproduce - scientifically proven in sociological and psychological studies and probably more.. but, I'm not familiar with other studies.

Money.. you can't cuddle it, comfort yourself with it, offer life lessons to your children with it, or retain the beauty of youth or buy yourself your eternity or your past.

Love - needs no defense.