Tuesday, October 03, 2006

and so begins the burning....

The princess was born with a queen's name -- Catherine -- and came into the world unknowingly bearing the weight of her entire kingdom on her shoulders. She was raised to carry it, as a feminine Atlas, and she accepted her lot long before she understood it.

It was when she was still very young that Catherine woke up one day and metaphorically made a paper crown of hearts that she donned as her daddy's princess. The problem was that her daddy didn't need a princess, let alone want one, and she spent the rest of his mortal life staining it with glue and tears.

The grass is grown over the hole in the earth where he is buried now, leaving no visible trace of his footsteps on this earth, just a marker listing his life in succinct dates. Catherine is a woman now, with all the responsibility of her past, her present, and her future on her shoulders, and it is time she burns the paper crown.


SuziSusana said...

i love everything you write. it makes me think, cry, laugh, remember ... but this. this is the best thing you've written in my opinion.
as a daddy's girl, watching my dad get older - more and more aware of his time spent on earth, and time left ...
i can relate.
and this stops my heart - brings silence and i realize you have said what i will never be able to say.

thank you.

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