Friday, September 22, 2006

some greater purpose

Sometimes I think that I've chosen the hardest profession in the world, and I don't mean freelance writing. I mean being an at-home mom. Add to it that I'm an Army wife, and I think that maybe I need my head checked.... But possible insanity aside, I've chosen the job that truly makes me happy.

And yet I feel that I have to defend my choices as though I were less than a prostitute. I am surrounded by intelligent people, and there certainly are those that approve or are proud of me for my decisions, but there are those that hold their intelligence, their jobs (read: professions), and their own choices in such high esteem that they look down their noses at me for being "just a mom".

Oh, I'm also an unpaid counselor to all my friends, but I get it back in love and support, so it's okay....

That we live in a world where it is considered (by those that support women's lib to the extreme) oppressive and beneath a woman to simply be a mom is sickening to me. I thought the entire women's lib movement was for the greater acceptance by society for whatever a woman chose to do with her life?! So where's my acceptance by society???!!!!

But before I get off on a redundant rampage, let me segue to some greater purpose that I'm pondering. I don't need the limelight to find self-validation. I am better behind the scenes, organizing, supporting, adding to those that shine by being me. And I enjoy it back here. I will probably go unknown by many and unacknowledged by even more for the things that I do do. I am a great think tank, and my ideas frequently end up used and improved on by the movers and shakers I've met. Sometimes my ideas get passed on from me to my mom to someone else who loves the ideas, and success is born. Sometimes I just lend a shoulder to cry on and make things better and allow perspective to show itself without a word from me.

So what? So... maybe I'm supposed to be exactly what I am (in the chorus) and no principal diva at all. So what indeed. In my opinion, the chorus usually sounds better.... And the divas usually need all the help they can get.

My point to all of this? To all you that disapprove or to the feminists who think I'm single-handedly destroying all that they've worked so hard to eradicate.... I am as liberated as a woman can get. I choose to be me.

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Al said...

Just be yourself, if you try to be what others "think" that you should be it will not work because it really isn't you. Either people accept you the way that you are or they don't and if they don't then you probably do not need them in your life. Nobody will agree 100% of the time with another person's ideas and views but they should be big enough to accept the differences without imparing the true friendship.