Wednesday, September 20, 2006

opinionated again

So I've fielded phone calls from friends whom I care about describing the evils of the actions of the men they've married. Dammit, women!! Why commit yourselves to people who cage you, suppress you, deny you your own dreams, and want you as their mommies and not their wives??


1. "You're so much better [in bed] than all those other women...." This was said to a friend of mine deep in the night after conjugal relations with her husband. He then denied cheating on her.

2. "Yes, honey, you can go work on your master's degree for the next eighteen months... but I'm never gonna see you (in a whiny voice) and I'm gonna miss spending time with you...." Pouting, moping, and melancholy ensued.

3. "I don't want you to go get a job. I want to take care of you." Followed a few days later by "All you do is cook and clean while I go work all day. What do you contribute to the marriage?" Don't get me started on this one.

The women that are married to these neanderthals will call them "nice guys", to which I say "puh." They may be nice, but they are severely lacking in some common sense and some respect and admiration for the women they married. Oh, and they are acting like jerks.

Women, please realize that "nice guys" do not guilt you into giving up your dreams, do not belittle your efforts in a marriage whether you are the rocket scientist or the housewife, do not make comments about how great you are in bed when compared to the other women that they are [not] sleeping with. I cannot even begin to describe how ridiculous it is to justify and excuse actions such as these with "but he's a nice guy" or better yet, "but I love him." Sometimes love isn't enough.

And sometimes love is warped and twisted and sees various evils as lesser than others, therefore excusing them. Please take an honest look at yourselves and do not settle for less than the best from your man -- any man. And men, do the same with regards to your women.

Relationships -- healthy relationships -- are supposed to be the very best of both people involved. One should not be carrying the other all the time. One should not be raising an adult child (or trying to), it should be an equal partnership between two equals. If it's not, there's a good chance it's not a healthy relationship. And if you won't suffer with the flu, pneumonia, or even allergies because of how they make you feel... why would you suffer in a relationship that's making you sick?


redwulf said...

AMEN!!! This single guy is sick to death of hearing those excuses pleaded to him about boyfriends, etc. by the girl I actually want to date.......

I hope that if any of this applies to the women reading this, that they take this to heart. I also hope a whole lot of women read this; I could care less if guys do, because those who treat women well, always will. Those who treat women poorly always will.....

Al said...

You hit the nail right on the head when you said that a marriage has to be equal to both partners or it will have problems. It can't be equal just part of the time, if he is having sex with other women then she should be able to have sex with other men. If you look at the most backward countries on this planet you will find that those are the same countries that are most restrictive of their women. You can't prosper if you are limiting the abilities of half+ of your population.