Thursday, September 07, 2006

and then there were crickets

This is a gentle complaint. I feel that I am no longer reaching an audience. Yes, I write because I love it and live for it, but I've gotten spoiled to having *some* feedback from my readers. I could read the absence of commenting as that I am so dead right that you all are out there nodding your head in appreciation of my witty insightfulness, but I am not that presumptuous.

So that leaves apathy. I hate to think that my writing breeds apathy. With all due respect, I can easily write for myself and keep it to myself. Yes, I have become a bit more lax with regards to my self-imposed tight schedule, but it does not help when I feel that I am writing to crickets.

Although at least crickets sing.

A brief written nod in the way of a comment (or a long-winded counter rant) would be appreciated. Let me know there's life out there.


Jon said...

When and what do you want sung? =]

Garnet said...

I really liked yesterday's post, I just dont like commenting

Dach said...

So, even though I talk to you outside of your blog, that doesn't count? You know I'm just giving you a hard time here, but do you want cheese with your whine?

FrierFly said...

See, Comments