Thursday, August 17, 2006

Young without a care

Yesterday it stormed. The cooling raindrops against the hot humid day was a welcome relief, and the sound of the storm on my roof comforted me. My son, apparently found the whole concept of rain equally appealing.

So the toddler asked to go outside. Well, I remember being young and loving to splash in the rain, and play outside during a shower, so I agreed. He went out fully clothed into a steady rain -- certainly not a downpour, but heavier than a drizzle -- and he was happy as a lark for quite a while. When I checked on him, he was pretty drenched and eagerly came inside.

I thought that was the end of that, so I stripped my boy down to a diaper and his shoes. Freed of his wet shirt and shorts, before I could complete the transformation from dripping wet drowned rat to dry child, he ran back outside. Well, he was having fun, so I giggled and let him go.

Some time passed and I had not heard a peep out of him. So I checked on him, and almost fell over laughing.

He was sitting in the fish pond, in the rain, just watching the world go by all relaxed and kicked back.

The fish weren't so happy about this.

The fish pond is actually a kiddie pool some 8" deep and 7 feet across. It is stocked with lots of green water, three plecos, 18 goldfish (they're small), and a plethora of floating plants that reproduce quickly. At that moment, it was also stocked with my toddler, his shoes, and his very ineffectual diaper.

Now convincing a child to do something that you'd like them to do while laughing is not the best means of getting them to obey. I was telling him to come inside through my giggles, and he started giggling. It took some time to convince him to exit the pool. When he did, I cringed at the squishing noises his shoes made as I led him to the bathroom for final stripping and insertion into a bath complete with chlorinated tap water.

My son didn't care either way. Rain, fish pond, bath tub... they were just all ways to get wet and enjoy life. I did note that little fact as I was pouring soap into his bath and washing his hair. Sometimes it doesn't matter how we get wet, just that we do. Sometimes it doesn't even matter if we get wet, just that we laugh.

Well, I got wet and I laughed, and I had a great time doing it.

So far, no fish have been traumatized by the brief addition of a toddler into their domain. They're goldfish, however, and only have a 3 second memory anyway. Too bad; yesterday is worth remembering.

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TheMatrix8475 said...

Now that is the way should be lived.....your little boy truly has the right idea :)